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Mose Allison

Title:  Wild Man on the Loose

Date:  1966

Label:  Atlantic Records AT 1456 MONO

Cover Photo: Nick Samardge

Cover Design: Haig Adishian

Line Up:

Mose Allison - piano & vocals

Earl May - bass

Paul Motian - drums


Side 1

Wild Man On The Loose
No Trouble Livin'
Night Watch
What's With You
Power House
Side 2

You Can Count On Me To Do My Part
Never More
That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch
War Horse
Notes: From the town of Tippo, Mississippi to the bright lights of stages across the world Mose carries joy in his music wherever he goes. That laid back southern charm and phrasing carries though to his piano as well as his voice. An excellent choice of musicians to accompany him on bass and drums. Paul Motian, always a house favorite, and Earl May understand Mose and build him just enough of a platform to set out a few chairs, a cool drink or two and some musical conversation. Jazz with a blues soul and a southern heart. The cover photo has a relaxed Mose portrait. The back cover has a nice interview with Mose from the March 1966 issue of the British jazz magazine CRESENDO.

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