Notes:From Luttrell, Tennesse to the finest stages of the world Chet Atkins changed the entire school of thought concerning playing the guitar. From simple acoustic strumming to the most complicated, syncopated finger style picking you could ask for Chet delivers with a grin on his lips and a slight smile in his eyes. He was equally adept in the studio wheter it was in front of the microphone or behind the recording console. He produced many fine sessions for a long list of players and released a large stack of his own records. He had a long relationship with Gretsch resulting in many new innovations and styles before moving on to Gibson. As an owned of a 1967 Tennessean I can vouch for Chet's taste and his fine set of ears when looking for "just that sound". The guitar world misses you Chester....


Chet Atkins: A Session With Chet Atkins Chet Atkins: A Session With Chet Atkins Chet Atkins:  Chet Atkins in Hollywood Chet Atkins:  Finger Pickin' Good Chet Atkins: Workshop Chet Atkins: Christmas with Chet Atkins
Chet Atkins: Picks on the Beatles Chet Atkins: Mr. Guitar Chet Atkins:  Caribbean Guitar Chet Atkins:  At Home Chet Atkins: Stay Tuned Chet Atkins:  It's a Guitar World
Chet Atkins:  Solid Gold  '69 Chet Atkins: Chet Atkins in 3 Dimensions Chet Atkins:  Guitar Country Chet Atkins:      Hi-Fi In Focus Chet Atkins:   Hum and Strum Along With Chet Chet Atkins:  The Most Popular Guitar
Chet Atkins and Arthur Fielder: Chet Picks on the Pops Chet Atkins: Hometown Guitar Chet Atkins: My Favorite Guitars Chet Atkins: The Guitar Genius Chet Atkins and Les Paul: Chester and Lester The Atkins-Travis Traveling Show


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