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Chet Atkins

Title:  Solid Gold  '69

Date:  1969

Label:  RCA Victor Records    LSP-4244

Cover Photo:  Howard Cooper

Liner Photo:  Bill Grine

Sculptor:  Marvin Thompson

Line Up:

Chet Atkins: guitar


Side 1

Both Sides Now
Son of a Preacher Man
My Way
I'll Never Fall in Love Again
So What's New
Side 2

Folsom Prision Blues
love Theme From "Romeo and Juliet"
Hey Jude

With a mystical, semi-coherent rant by none other than Donovan on the back cover you knew this had to be a good session from Chet. Obviously the aim was to bring his style to a younger, more hip audience. He delves into the songbooks of Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Bacharach-David and more. Chet's Gretsch can sing pop as well as country and is able to weave the two into something of his own. The back cover photo not only has a splendid guitar as a subject, but Chet is also using a Gretsch amplifier. Just another brick in the monument that Chet built throughout his career.

Here's a few comments sent in by Phil:

Gretsch had several amplifiers in their product line for many years. Most of them (maybe ALL of them) were made by an outside company called Valco. Valco made the amps for several companies.

Chet actually used a rare Standel amp that was made in the early 50's. He recorded everything with that amp and still owned it when he died last year. However he appeared with and used a Gretsch amp during photo sessions and public performances during the many years that he was signed to Gretsch, as part of the deal with Gretsch. The Gretsch "Chet Atkins" model amp was made to Chet's specifications and it was intended to mimic the Standel amp that Chet was so fond of.

George Van Eps also used a Gretsch amp - possibly the Chet Atkins model, possibly another - I don't know for sure. He also played a 7 string Gretsch guitar that was built for him by Gretsch. The guitar was available to the public but not very many were sold; called the "George Van Eps" model, I forget the model number. George can be seen with the guitar on the covers of his 90's recordings with Howard Alden, and also his 1969 record "Soliloquy".

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