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Chet Atkins

Title:  Hometown Guitar

Date:  1968

Label:  RCA Records     LSP-4017

Line Up:

Chet Atkins: guitar


Side 1

Big Daddy
Sitting on Top of the World
Huntin' Boots
Blue Guitar
Cattle Call
Back to Old Smokey Mountain
Side 2

Sweet Georgia Brown
Blue Angel
Get on With It
Reeds Ramble
Pickin' Pot Pie
The Last Thing on My Mind
Notes: Back in Luttrell, Tennessee Chet is on his turf. A small town boy with a guitar and an ear for music. Simply put, if Chet feels that it is worth playing it is worth playing well. His dexterity and feel for dynamics make every record he does a pleasure. While I can live without some of the backing vocals and strings that get splashed on Chet's records, I'll gladly listen through it all just to hear the master make his Gretsch sing time and again. The front cover has a serious looking Chet walking home from the train station and the back cover gives us a shot of his home town. There's also a nice shot of Chet and the gang in the studio. As is the standard with Atkins records, they're all worth owning if you can find them.

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