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Adam and the Ants

Title:  Kings of the Wild Frontier

Date:  1980

Label:  Epic Records JE 37033

Sleeve Concept: Jules and Adam Ant

Graphic Design: Jules

Photography: Ashworth

Line Up:

Adam Ant - vocals

Marco Pirroni - guitar

Kevin Mooney - bass guitar

Terry Lee Miall - drums

Merrick (Chris Hughes) - drums


Side 1

Dog Eat Dog
Los Rancheros
Feed Me to the Lions
Press Darlings
Ants Invasion
Killer in the Home
Side 2

Kings of the Wild Frontier
The Magnificent 5
Don't Be Square (Be There)
Jolly Roger
The Human Beings
Notes: Adam and the Ants came on the scene and played around on the edges of Punk, but were more aligned with the New Romantic wing of the 80's New Wave revolution. Snappy dressers with a talent for driving double drum rhythms and a front man who had the voice, style and panache to pull off the Jimi Hendrix/swashbuckling pirate crossover. This album in particular had a nice range of material such as the wonderful spaghetti western sound of "Los Rancheros", the drum beats of "Antmusic", "Dog Eat Dog" and the near hysteric vocals of "Press Darlings". The cover photos do a nice job of capturing the band and their image at the time. A classic album.

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