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The Association

Title:  Insight Out

Date:  1967

Label:  Warner Bros. Records   1696

Art Direction:  Ed Thrasher

Cover Photo:  Sherman Weisburg  

Liner Photo:  Don Peterson

Line Up:

Larry Ramos: Guitar, Harmonica, Saxophone, Vocals
Jim Yester: Guitar, Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Mike Deasy Sr: Guitar
Russ Giguere: Guitar, Vocals
Larry Knechtal: Bass
Terry Kirkman: Drums, Vocals, Wind
Ted Bluechel: Drums, Vocals
Brian Cole: Bass, Clarinet, Vocals
Mike Henderson: Saxophone


Side 1

Wasn't It a Bit Like Now (Parallel '23)
On a Quiet Night
We Love Us
When Love Comes to Me
Side 2

Never My Love
Happiness Is
Wantin' Ain't Gettin'
Requiem for the Masses
Notes: Known primarily through their radio friendly tunes like "Windy" or "Never My Love" The Association were the perfect soundtrack for a nice summer day. But a listen to this disc and you also see their tastes touching on garage rock and a bit of the sixties psychedelica. Always layered with tight harmonies and a folk pop feel the band takes us on a short walk through the flowers and leaves us feeling a little happier for the journey. The cover gives us a portraits of the individuals and a group shot under the blossoms.

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