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The Astronauts

Title:  Astronauts Orbit Kampus

Date:  1964

Label:  RCA Victor LPM-2903

Line Up:

Bob Demmon - guitar, vocals
Dennis Lindsey - guitar, vocals
Rich Fifield - guitar, vocals
Stormy Patterson - bass guitar
Jim Gallagher - drums


Side 1

Johnny B. Goode
Good Golly Miss Molly
Let the Good Times Roll
Linda Lou
Bony Moronie
Side 2

Diddy Wah Diddy
Roll Over Beethoven
Shop Around
Greenback Dollar
Sticks and Stones
Notes:Landlocked surf from the heart of the sixties. Coming from Colorado The Astronaurts took their Fender fueled music and brought the crowd to their feet. As usual with this type of band the vocal pieces lacked the fire and twang of their fine instrumentals. Recorded live at The Tulagi in Boulder, Colorado you'll find some fun music in these grooves. Nice cover phot of the band perched on the top of the hill with the city fanning out behind them. And a great looking collection of guitars as well. Liner notes by Glenn Bell from Radio Station KIMN in Denver Colorado.

As interested in portraying a good image as well as playing great music the cover notes include these descriptions of the boys in the band:

Bob Demmon - The Jack Armstrong Image
Dennis Lindsey - The Oklahoma Image
Rich Fifield - The Steve McQueen Image
Stormy Patterson - The Sports Image
Jim Gallagher - The Teddy Bear Image

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