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The Asylum Choir

Title:  Asylum Choir II

Date:  1969

Label Shelter Records

Cover Illustration:  Gagliano

Liner Photograph:  Carl Radle

Photographics:  Ed Caraeff

Design:  Wayne Kimbell

Line Up:

Marc Benno: guitar

Leon Russell: piano, vocals



Side 1

Sweet Home Chicago
Down on the Base
Hello, Little Friend
Salty Candy
Tryin' to Stay 'Live
Side 2

… Intro to Rita
Straight Brother
Learn How to Boogie
Ballad for a Soldier
When You Wish Upon a Fag
Lady in Waiting
Notes: I've always been a fan of Leon Russell and this album cemented the relationship for me. His unique voice and his ability to bring you right into the song with him has stood the test of time. I had read that he engineered some of the very early Dick Dale sessions (with a young Glen Campbell providing the rhythm guitar) and from then on I was always open to give him a listen no matter the incarnation. I'm not familiar with Marc Benno beyond this pairing, but they work together like a couple of old friends hanging out on the back porch, consuming a few beers and playing music for each other. Kind of a folksy, old timey feel to some of the songs. And with 'Nam looming large the tune "Down on the Base" was a touchstone for many a teen listener. The soft line work of the cover illustration adds a look of youth to the duo, although my copy has aged and yellowed over the years. The back cover photo is a peek into the studio and its machinery.

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