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Leon Russell & Marc Benno: The Asylum Choir

Title:  Look Inside

Date:  1968

Label:  Mercury / Smash Records   SRS 67107

Album Design:  Lou Kimzey

Photography:  Ralph Poole

Soul Food:  Olivia's

Inadvertently Recorded at Skyhill Studios

Line Up:

Marc Benno: guitar

Leon Russell: piano, vocals



Gatefold Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side 1

Welcome to Hollywood
Soul Food
Icicle Star Tree
Death of the Flowers
Indian Style
Side 2

Episode Containing 3 Songs:
  N.Y. Op.
  Land of Dog
  Mr. Henri the Clown
Thieves in the Choir
Black Sheep Boogaloo
Notes: Leon and his pal Marc make their 60's hippie record and we're all invited along to give a listen. Part rock record and part sonic experiment with bits of dialog mixed in and blended. Leon has always been one to have a finger in all sorts of pots and bring plenty to the table with him. A strange little record, but one that makes a bit of sense if you place it into proper context. This is another one of those chosen as much of rthe cover art as for the content. Inner and outer covers have their own charm, but the inner cover photo of car and surrounding bodies is a bit frightening. Not for all listeners, but for those who like the fringes.

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