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The Blue Oyster Cult

Title: Tyranny and Mutation

Date: 1973

Label: Columbia Records   PC 32017

Cover Art: Gawlik

Line Up:

D. (Buck Dharma) Roestar: guitar and vocals
E. Bloom: vocal, stun guitar and all synthesizers
J. Bouchard: bass, vocals and keyboard
A. Bouchard: drums, vocals
A. Lanier: keyboards and rhythm guitar



Side 1

The Red & the Black
O.D.'d on Life itself
Hot Rails to Hell
7 Screaming Diz-Busters
Side 2

Baby Ice Dog
Wings Wetted Down
Teen Archer
Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl)
Notes: Another high school favorite for the seventies set here folks. From the opening notes to the last dying echoes the duo of Murray Krugman and Sandy Pearlman manage to get the best out of the lads. These sessions produced some of the all time classic BOC themes, which have gone on to be covered by the likes of The Minutemen of all people(s). The whole collective lot of the production work, instrumentation (featuring the guitar strums of Mr. Buck Dharma, The World's Most Relaxed Guitarist), vocals and subject matter just flat out sounds good to this day. BOC went on to larger venues and popularity and then worked their way back to the clubs again. I'm caught them on tour in both settings and prefer the smaller clubs. They give the same effort and the sound is better. The geometric cover with the semi-menacing logo is eye catching at the very least. A great foundation upon which to build your cult collection.

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