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The Music of Les Baxter

Born: March 14, 1922  

Official Site:

As one of the founders of the Exotica style of music Les was to bring the aura of the islands to the mainland and treat us all to a warm tropical breeze and a cool drink. An arranger and producer as well as a performer Les has worked with the likes of Mel Torme and produced music for many film scores and radio programs. And along with the lounge sounds Les also brought us a taste of the Space-Age with its theremin sounds and stylings. And the cover art is spledid!


Les Baxter:  Skins!
Les Baxter:  Space Escapade
Les Baxter:  Young Pops
Les Baxter: Teen Drums
Les Baxter:  'round the World With...
Les Baxter:  The Ritual of the Savage
Les Baxter: Hell's Belles
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