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The B-52's

Title:  The B-52's

Date:  1979

Label:  Warner Bros. Records   BSK 3355

Art Direction:  Sue AB Surd

Photography:  George DuBose

Hairdos By:  La Verne

Line Up:

Fred Schneider: Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Walkie Talkie

Kate Pierson: Organ, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Keith Strickland: Percussion, Drums, Sound Effects, Sounds

Cindy Wilson: Guitar, Bongos, Tambourine, Vocals

Rick Wilson, Adey Wilson: Guitar

Chris Blackwell: Producer


Side 1

Planet Claire
52 Girls
Dance This Mess Around
Rock Lobster
Side 2

There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)
Hero Worship
Notes: The 80s were coming and the B-52's were a sure sign of things to come. A healthy dose of kitsch, humor and the new wave flavor of space-age bachelor pad. The party band out of Athens, Ga. brought some much needed fun to the music. Punk was too angry or political. Prog, too intellectual. Swaggering hair rockers were too silly to consider. And then came the Rock Lobster and all his friends. There's even a send up of Pet Clark's downtown to close out the record. The cover photo speaks for itself.

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