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The Bangles

Title: Bangles - EP

Date:  1982

Label:  I.R.S. Records

Album Design:  Ewa Wojciak

Photography: Bob Seideman

Line Up:

Susanna Hoffs - rhythm guitar
Debbi Peterson - drums
Vicki Peterson - lead guitar
Annette Zilknskas - bass, harmonica


Side 1

The Real World
I'm in Line
Want You
Side 2

Mary Street
How Is the Air up There
Notes: This is the first slice of wax the band released and it has that live-in-the-garage sound. Not the heavily produced records that would ignite their career, but the real sound of their ambitions in bloom. Just "Bangles" without the "The" added on. Only Michael Steele had yet to join in on bass, but the line-up had their core in place. All five tunes are original compositions and have a surface of grit that serves the band well. The doodle inspired cover art and photos of the band in the studio have the feel of the 80s and hold the promise of more to come. They had no idea...

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