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Jo Basile (His Accordion And Orchestra)

Title: Accordion de Paris

Date:  1959

Label: Audio Fidelity Records   AFSD 5815

Line Up:

Jo Basile - Accordion



Side 1

Mademoiselle De Paris
L'Ame Des Poetes
Mon Homme
Raiion De Musette
Le Denicheur
Pigalle-Le Seine
Side 2

Comme Ci, Comme Ca
Fleur De Paris
April in Paris - I Love Paris
Boum Musette
Ballade De Rabouine
Piano De Pauvre
Notes: Although there are extensive liner notes on the city of Paris, technical and historical data on the accordion and very precise information on the equipment used during the recording session there's very little pertaining to Mr. Basile or other players. Inside is just the type of thing you'd expect, but come on now, we all know that we bought this one for the cover alone. A classy lady and her beau...ah Paris.

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