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Mike Batt

Title: Schizophonia

Date:  1977

Label: CBS/Epic Records   EPC 82001

Front/Inner Cover Paintings: Michael Hasted

Back Cover Photo: Peter Lavery

Typography: Maurice Wilson 

Line Up:

Mike Batt: vocals, synthesizer, piano
Chris Spedding: guitars
Alan Parker: guitars
Les Hurdle/Rick Kemp: bass
and a host of others....

London Symphony Orchestra arranged and conducted by Mike Batt.



Side 1

The Ride to Agadir
Berber's Prayer
The Walls of the World
Side 2

The Fires of Rabat
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
Railway Hotel

Detail from Inner sleeve

Notes: Where to begin with this one? Well, we've got some orchestral progressive rock here and for every wonderful musical moment there's a complimentary moment of confusion and wonder as to what drove him to record this or that particular track. And to cap it off there's an interesting version of the old tune "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" from the Animals songbook. And Chris Spedding on guitar is a nice bonus. Interesting cover painting as well.

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