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Harry Belafonte

Title: The Midnight Special

Date:  1962

Label: RCA Victor   LPM-2449

Photos By: Peter Perri 

Line Up:

Millard Thomas, Ernie Calabria: guitar
Norman Keenan: bass
Danny Barrajanos, Don Lamond, Percy Brice: drums
Joe Wilder: trumpet solos
Jerome Richardson: saxophone solos
Bob Dylan: harmonica


Side 1

The Midnight Special
Crawdad Song
Memphis Tennessee
Gotta Travel On
Did You Hear About Jerry?
Side 2

On Top of Old Smokey
Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad
Michael Row the Boat Ashore

Inner Sleeve

Notes: A classic artist bringing us folk songs couched in soul, jazz, gospel and always with the light touch Belafonte brings to a room. His arrangements of songs such as Muleskinner and Midnight Special allow him to take ownership of the story and tell it in his voice. A striking front cover photo and the inner sleeve offers us the Midnight Special Songbook so that we too can "sing, play and dance to these songs: at parties, at informal gatherings, in the privacy of your own home" And as an added treat this record features a young Bob Dylan on harmonica. So pick up a copy, draw the curtains and give Harry a spin in, as they say, the privacy of your own home.


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