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Leon Berry

Title: Giant Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Vol. 3

Date: 1958

Label: Audio Fidelity   AFLP 1844

Cover Art: Uncredited

Line Up:

Leon Berry - Organ





Side 1

Tavern in the Town
This Can’t Be Love
People Will Say We’re in Love
Falling in Love with Love
South Foxtrot
Side 2

Caissons; Columbia the Gem of the Ocean
Roman Guitar Tango
Washington Post
What is This Thing Called Love
Sari Waltz
Student Prince Serenade
Notes: You know you've latched on to a piece of history when the liner notes begin, "The modern theater organ is a fantastically ingenious and complicated mechanism...". I don't think that there are too many of these "modern" devices still in use today. Purchased for the cover the record is pretty much what it says it is. Lots of big organ sound. And it's Volume 3 folks. There's something about his look in that cover photo that just make me feel uncomfortable, ya know what I mean?

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