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Big Brother and the Holding Co.

Title:   Big Brother and the Holding Co.

Date: 1967

Label: Mainstream Records   S/6099

Front Cover Art – Lonshein

Back Cover Art – D. Nolan

Line Up:

Peter Albin: bass
David Getz: drums
James Gurley: guitar
Sam Andrew: guitar
Janis Joplin: vocal




Side 1

Bye Bye Baby
Easy Rider
Light is Faster Than Sound
Call On Me
Side 2

Women is Losers
Down on Me
All is Loneliness
Notes: On this, their first album, Janis and her band brought a blues sensibility to the rock stage for the peace and love generation to witness, feel and wrap their collective hearts around. The pain and loss exhibited by songs such as Down on Me and Women is Losers touched  the young people in the crowd with feelings so true and personal that it was hard to believe they were coming out of this young lady from Texas fronting the band. More of a band effort than some of her later recordings it was plain to see that Janis would be spreading her word to bigger and grander crowds. No one knew how short her ride would actually be. The cover art had the sixties colors and design along side the B & W line work of the traditional San Francisco Victorian architecture. A classic album in all respects.

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