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Big Brother & the Holding Company

Title: Cheap Thrills

Date: 1967

Label: Columbia Records   PC 9700

Cover Art: Robert Crumb

Line Up:

Janis Joplin: vocals
John Simon: piano
Peter S. Albin: bass, guitar
Dave Getz: drums
Sam Houston Andrew III: guitar, bas




Side 1

Combination of the Two
I Need a Man to Love
Piece of My Heart
Side 2

Turtle Blues
Oh, Sweet Mary
Ball and Chain
Notes: This is a classic in all respects. To hear Janis singing "Summertime" is to feel the very soul of the song. I don't think most of the flower children in the audience knew about the Gershwin Brothers, but they dug the vibe none the less. Live material from the Fillmore Auditorium seems fresh today and still has a strong bluesy feeling. The woman grabbed those words from deep within and you felt her powerful voice project throughout the room. The R. Crumb cover has become an icon of the 60's and has been copied numerous times. The back cover photo was intended to be the front cover, but sometimes things just don't work out that way. And remember kids, it's approved by the Hell's Angel, 'Frisco.

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