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Black Sabbath

Title: Paranoid

Date: 1970

Label: Warner Bros. Records WS 1887

Album Design and Photography: Keef

Line Up:

Ozzy Osbourne: vocals
Tony Iommi: lead guitar
Terry "Geezer" Butler: bass guitar
Bill Ward: drums



Side 1

War Pigs
Planet Caravan
Iron Man
Side 2

Electric Funeral
Hand of Doom
Rat Salad
Fairies Wear Boots

Inner Gatefold Cover

Notes: A favorite of mine in junior high, it still sounds good today. And who the hell would have thought that Ozzy of all people would go on to become an icon in this day and age. The familiar tunes are here; Iron Man or Paranoid are easily recognizable to the rock cognizant among us. And the slow, dreamlike feel of Planet Caravan is a nice counterpoint to the heavier material delivered here. I've never been quite sure at to what the cover art was supposed to represent, a bit scary it is. The inner gatefold has the boys in a "c'mon and snap the pic already" pose. You gotta have this one.

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