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The Blasters

Title: The Blasters

Date: 1981

Label: Slash Records   SR-109

Cover Art: Gustav Alsina

Blaster Photos: Gary Leonard

Art Direction: Steve Bartel

Line Up:

Composed and Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

Phil Alvin: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Dave Alvin: lead guitar
John Bazz: bass
Bill Bateman: drums
Gene Taylor: piano
Lee Allen: sax
Steve Berlin: sax



Side 1

Marie, Marie
I'm Shakin'
Border Radio
American Music
So Long Baby Goodbye
Side 2

Hollywood Bed
Never No More Blues
This Is It
Highway 61
I Love You So
Stop the Clock
Notes: A very early Blasters album just chock full of the stuff that made their name synonymous with blue collar, hard workin' American music. Roots rock, rockabilly, and the essence of the punk DIY ethos brought out some of the best music of the eighties. Although the Alvin brothers no longer grace the same stage they both carry on in their own right. If poetry is your bag check out brother Dave's book(s) of spoken word verse. And bringing a touch of brass, the dynamic sax duo adds another dimension to the overall sound. Some of you may be familiar with Steve Berlin from the Los Lobos records; both bands were east LA neighbors and along with X they formed a unique trilogy of musical storytelling. If you're already a fan you've probably got this one, if not it's a good place to begin your association with the band and their friends. Catch them live and you'll see how close the cover painting matches Phil's stage persona.

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