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The Letter E

Artists represented by three or more albums:


Echo & the Bunnymen:  Songs to Learn & Sing Echo & the Bunnymen:  Heaven Up Here The Duane Eddy Pages Dave Edmunds: D E7th Webley Edwards:  Exotic Instrumentals Ekseption:  Dance Macabre
Ekseption: Trinity The Electric Prunes: Underground Herb Ellis and Ross Tompkins: A Pair to Draw To Herb Ellis and Joe Pass:  Two for the Road The Music of Eloy Elvis:  Separate Ways
The Music of Joe Ely Keith Emerson:   Honky Emerson, Lake and Palmer:  Tarkus The English Beat:  I Just Can't Stop It English Gypsy: English Gypsy John Entwhistle:  Smash Your Head Against the Wall
Preston Epps: Bongos, Bongos, Bongos Alejandro Escovedo: Real Animal Esquivel and his Orchestra:  Other Worlds, Other Sounds Esquivel and his Orchestra:  Exploring New Sounds in Hi-Fi Gil Evans: Out of the Cool  
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