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The Letter F

Artists represented by three or more albums:


Light His Fire... Come Dance With Maynard... Paradise Lies Within... The Beast...
Jose Feliciano:  Feliciano! Maynard Ferguson: A Message From Newport Maynard Ferguson: Carnival Come and Explore the Ferrante & Teicher Pages  Bryan Ferry:  Bete Noire Arthur Fiedler - Hi-Fi
Drop a Platter and Dance... Gee, Grubcakes Again.... Sing It Girl... Huh?
Jerry Fielding :  Swingin in Hi-Fi! Filthy Friends: Any Kind of Crowd Step Right Up to the Firesign Theatre Ella Fitzgerald:  The Lady and Her Work The Flamin' Groovies:  In Person!!!! The Flamin' Groovies: Crazy Macy/Let Me Rock
Is That You Santa? Early Fleetwood Mac... Pretty Birdy... Purple Oceans... C'mon baby let's play...
Flat Duo Jets:  I'll Have a Merry Christmas Without You The Fleetwood Mac Collection The Flock:  Dinosaur Swamps Focus:  Moving Waves Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders:  The Game of Love Steve Forbert: Little Stevie Orbit
This Way Please... Kinky Peek-A-Boo... Moody Electronics and More... Delights Within...
The Redd Foxx Pages Connie Francis: Sing Along With Connie nKinky Friedman: Lasso from El Paso nRobert Fripp:  The League of Gentlemen Fripp and Eno:  (No Pussyfooting) The Frivolous five:  Sour Cream and Other Delights
Funkadelic:  One Nation Under a Groove Funland: Sweetness Funtime: Funtime      
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