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The Music of Ferrante & Teicher

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Ferrante & Teicher joined forces while attending classes at the Juilliard School of Music and in 1947 began a musical career that has lasted for ages. The duo were individually pegged as musically gifted as children. One they began performing together their repertoire grew in unexpected ways. Developing what they referred to a "prepared piano" they would do strange things to get sounds previously unheard to emanate from their twin pianos. Avant-garde, classical technique, schmaltzy flourishes, technically flawless only begin to sum up their appeal to the listening audience. And to top it off they had some great album cover art through the years.



Ferrante & Teicher: Blast Off Ferrante & Teicher: Pianos in Paradise Ferrante & Teicher: Soundblast Ferrante & Teicher: Soundproof Ferrante & Teicher: West Side Story Ferrante & Teicher: Twin Pianos
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