Surf music out of Nashville you say? Mask wearing, guitar weilding carriers of the flame? You betcha! They've studied the best and have managed to give it their own bit of style along the way. The Mexican wrestling masks aside, these guys can play. Danny Amis had recorded with The Raybeats previously and released a few LPs worth of material worth seeking out. But, to be beleived one must see them in live and in person. Large hall, small bar, it doesn't matter, the boys will give it their all.

Los Straitjackets: The Utterly Fantastic... Los Straitjackets: Supersonic Guitars in 3-D Los Straitjackets: The Further Adventures of... Los Straitjackets: Hark the Herald Angels Sing / Silver Bells Los Straitjackets: Jet Set Freddy Cannon And Los Straitjackets ‎– The Sox Are Rockin'


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