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Mary Tyler Moore - Cover Model

Born: December 29, 1936 / Died:January 25, 2017

Better known as Laura Petri of Dick Van Dyke fame, Mary Tyler Moore had a career as a cover model as well. From Latin siren to champagne sipping socalite she's all over the place. A few of the covers appear to share a single photo session. After her passing I was contacted by People Magazine and they used some of my album covers in a commemorative issue celebrating Mary's life. I haven't actually listened to all of these records yet; the covers are pleasure enough.


 Raoul Martinez: Cha, Cha, Cha
Lew Raymond: Million Sellers
Steve Philips: Organ Favorites
Miguelito Valdez!: Latin Rhythms
 Miguel Lopez: Latin Favorites
Nestor Amaral:  Favorites from Italy
Gordon Fleming:  Gigi
Norman Leslie Orchestra: Gigi
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