Formed in the late sixties, Nektar was an early prog band consisting of four lads from England who met while on tour in Germany in different bands. The proceeded to make some fine albums, come to the US and they gave a whole new flavor to the musical table. Both their studio LPs and the live recordings are a good representation of the talent within each of the players. The members have changed over the years and the band saw an album with Larry Fast and Dave Nelson replacing Roye on guitar (Magic is a Child). Break-ups, reunions and "Farewell Tours" went on for some time until it seemed they were gone. But, Roye and Ron and some new lads continue to create music and tour under the Nektar banner.


Nektar: Journey to the Centre of the Eye
Nektar:  A Tab in the Ocean
Nektar:  Down to Earth
Nektar: Recycled
Nektar:  Remeber the Future
Nektar:  Sounds Like This
Nektar: Sunday Night at London Roundhouse
Nektar: Man in the Moon
Nektar: Magic is a Child


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