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David Ossman / The Firesign Theatre

Title: David Ossman's How Time Flys

Date:  1973

Label: Columbia Records – KC 32411

Album Direction: Ron Coro

Cover Art: Joe Garnett

Line Up:

David Ossman

The Firesign Theatre

Wolfman Jack



Mark's Awakening
The Years In Your Ears
Tweeny And "The Welcome Home"
Manny, "Shortstop" And Lady Ann

Consumer Instruction Section
Mark, Mr. Motion And The Memory Loops
Emergency Program Over-Ride
The System Vs. The Black Hole
Notes: Although this sci-fi comedy was written by Mr. Ossman the four members of the Firesign Theatre participate in all thier expected aural glory. The story concerns astronaut Mark Time and his adventures on "Planet X". DJ Wolfman Jack also lends his talents to the record. Those familiar with the Firesigns will feel right at home with this tale of adventure and outer space hi-jinx. The cover art by Joe Garnett is a busy little piece which gives the viewer an high level overview of the tale inside. Ther album contained a "3-D Diorama Inside" but, alas my flea market copy does not have the insert.

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