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Nicol Williamson

Title:  The Hobbit

Date:  1974

Label: Argo Records - ZPL 1196/9

Cover Art: J.R.R. Tolkien

Line Up:

Narrated by Nicol Williamson


Side 1

An Unexpected Party
Roast Mutton (Part One)
Side 2

Roast Mutton (Continued)
A Short Rest
Over The Hill And Under The Hill
Side 3

Riddles In The Dark
Side 4

Out Of The Frying Pan
Queer Lodgings
Flies And Spiders
Side 5

Barrels Out Of Bond
A Warm Welcome
On The Doorstep
Side 6

Inside Information
Not A Home
Side 7

Fire And Water
The Gathering Of The Clouds
A Thief In The Night
Side 8

The Clouds Burst
The Return Journey
The Last Stage
Notes: An abridged telling of J.R.R. Tolkien's story The Hobbit by Scottish-English actor and singer Nicol Williamson. His voice is well suited to the tale at hand and with practiced pacing and inflection he carries it off very well indeed. The front cover art is by the author himself and shows the barrel rider emerging into the daylight. Included in this pressing is an 8 page booklet broken into four sections: Synopsis, Recording The Hobbit, Tolkien and "The Hobbit, Nicol Williamson. Worth seeking out for the Hobbit fans amoung us.

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