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Various Artists

Title:  The Hit-Kickers Series, Vol. 9

Date:  1976

Label:  Festival Records‎– FR 1036

Illustration: Kirk Lyford

Art Direction & Design: Jack L. Levy

Line Up:

See Track Listing Below


Cold, Cold Heart
Side 1

Joe Barry - You Belong To My Heart
Clarence Frogman Henry - I Can't Take Another Heartache
Floyd Tillman - It Makes No Difference Now
Johnny Winter - I Had To Cry
Jean Knight - Don't Break My Heart
Side 2

Oscar Perry - Can't Let You Leave
Sonny Raye & Fancy - Nice Knowin' You
Warren Storm - Love Rules The Heart
T.K. Hulin - That's Why The End Must Begin

Too Hot to Hold
Side 1

Barbara Lynn - Too Hot To Hold
Ken Lindsey - If It's Wrong To Love You
Jimmy Donley - I Really Got The Blues
Jean Knight - You'll Lose A Good Thing
T-Bone Walker - You're A Dirty Mistreater
Side 2

Jimmy Heap - You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care
Henry Moore - I Need Your Arms To Hold Me Tight
Johnny Williams - Sometime (You Just Cry)
Joe Pipps - Halfway Between Hell And Georgia

Funky Baby
Side 1

Lowell Fulson - Funky Soul
Warren Storm - Ain't It Weird
Doug Sahm - Ain't Nothin' Wrong With You
Joe Pipps - Port Pleasure
Barbara Lynn - Poor Ole Trash Man
Side 2

Johnny Winter - Out Of Sight
Joe Barry - Younder Comes A Sucker
T-Bone Walker - Reconsider Baby
Allison & So. Funk Blues - South Funk Boulevard
Notes: A three LP set dedicated to the "Hit-Kickers" out there on the road. This collection features tracks by Johnny Winter, Doug Sahm and T-Bone Walker to name just a few. Music by those with dirt on their hands, dust on their clothes and a burning thirst calling out for attention. The cover art captures this feeling with beer, trains, trucks and Old Glory. The cover says that this is volume 9. Hmmm, I may have to track down a few more volumes for inspection...

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