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Title:  Asia

Date:  1982

Label Geffen Records   GHS 2008

Cover Design:  Roger Dean

Line Up:

Geoffrey Downes - Keyboards, Vocals

Steve Howe - Guitar, Vocals

Carl Palmer - Drums and Percussion

John Wetton - Lead Vocal and Bass Guitar


Side 1

Heat Of The Moment
Only Time Will Tell
Sole Survivor
One Step Closer
Time Again
Side 2

Wildest Dreams
Without You
Cutting It Fine
Here Comes The Feeling
Notes: The first outing from this supergroup collective aims more for radio airplay than the more cerebral music they had played in their previous incarnations.  Overall a good effort, but you keep hoping for just a little more. This one does manage to live up to most of the expectations heaped upon them. Another fine cover from the hand of Dean.

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