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Laurindo Almeida

Title:  Acapulco '22

Date:  1963

Label Tower Records   DT 5060


Line Up:

Laurindo Almeida: guitar and cavaquinha
Howard Roberts and Al Viola: alternating on second guitar
Shelly Mann, Milt Holland, and Chico Guerrero: percussion
Jimmy Rowles: electric organ
Max Bennett: bass
Bob Cooper: tenor sax
Don Fagerquist: trumpet
Justin Gordon: flute


Side 1

Hava Nagila
Acapulco 22
Lisbon Antigua


Side 2

Till Then
Satin Doll
I Left My Heart in San Francisco
What Kind Of Fool Am I

Notes: Another in the long line of samba records to come out of Brazil and embrace the more contemporary sounds of the American airwaves. But, you get a nice version of Misirlou and some very talented fretwork on the part of the rotating second guitarists. And the cover ain't too hard on the eyes either.

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