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The Animals

Title:  In the Beginning

Date:  1963

Label:  Wand Records

Art Direction:  Dick Smith

Line Up:

Eric Burdon
Sonny Boy Williamson
Alan Price
Bryan Chandler
Hilton Valentine
John Steel


Side 1

Let It Rock
Gotta Find My Baby
Bo Diddley
Side 2

I'm Almost Grown
Boom Boom
C Jam Blues (Sonny Boy Drums)
Notes: According to the liner notes, this album was recorded live on December 30, 1963, just a week before Sonny Boy would pass on.  It also states that this was the first ever recording for the Animals.  Recording quality is kind of noisy, but still worth a listen or two.  This had to be the dream of every young white guitar player in England at the time, to play behind a true legend.

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