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The Anti-Nowhere League

Title:  Live in Yugoslavia

Date:  1983

Label:  I.D. Records    NOSE 3

Design:  Chunchic' 



Line Up:

Magoo: guitar

Animal: vocals

Winston: bass

Gilly: guitar

P.J.: drums


Side 1

Let's Break the Law
Streets of London
Let the Country Feed You
We Will Survive
I Hate...People
For You
Side 2

Going Down
Can't Stand Rock & Roll
So What
Paint It Black
We Are the League
Notes: Gritty, raw and lacking in social graces, that's the League. But, as you listen it seems that the tongue is in cheek at least a small amount. Grinding out their message of alienation from the world and a dislike of just about everything they come across the League actually displays a touch of roguish charm. "Woman", starting out as a tender offer of marriage soon falls into heated name calling as our hero wishes it was over. Their cover of "Paint It Black" is enough to propel this record along, but the rest of the tunes pull their own weight as well. The hand coloring on the rear cover reminds me a little of the Zen Arcade album by Husker Du. If you like your music live this should be in your collection. You can also look for the Anti-Nowhere League in an old episode of the Rebellious Jukebox TV show if I remember correctly.

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