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Baker Gurvitz Army

Title:  Elysian Encounter

Date:  1975

Label: Atco Records   SD 36-123

Cover Painting and Sleeve Design:  Pentagno

Line Up:

Ginger Baker: drums, percussion and vocals
Adrian Gurvitz: guitars and vocals
Paul Gurvitz: bass guitar and vocals
Pete Lemer : keyboards
Mr. Snips: lead vocals



Back Cover / Front Cover

Inner Gatefold

Side 1

The Key
The Gambler
Side 2

The Dreamer
The Artists
The Hustler
Notes: After the conclusion of the Cream and Blind Faith years Ginger was to be found creating music under various military guises. From the Air Force to this outing with the Army Ginger draws on his background in jazz and rock and thunders along as one of the few drummers in the business to really become a true band leader and not just another member of the group. Often emulated, but rarely equaled Ginger can play some fine drums to say the least. The gatefold cover brings us some sort of alien meeting place. Maybe a little gambling going on in the foreground as notes are taken and plans discussed.

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