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Blodwyn Pig

Title: Ahead Rings Out

Date: 1969

Label: A&M / Chrysalis Records   SP 4210

Photography:  Brian Ward

Design:  Graham Walker

Line Up:

Mick Abrahams: Guitar, Vocals, Slide Guitar, Liner Notes
Ron Berg: Drums
Jack Lancaster: Flute, Violin, Sax (Baritone), Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Wind, Brass
Andy Pyle: Bass, Bass (Electric), 6-String Bass




Side 1

It's Only Love
Dear Jill
Walk on the Water
The Modern Alchemist
Side 2

See My Way
Summer Day
Change Song
Ain't Ya Coming Home
Summer's End

Inner Gatefold Cover

Notes: First album from a sixties progressive/blues outfit headed up by Mick Abrahms (Jethro Tull). they've been compared to some of John Mayall's output from the same period, but the Pig tends to slip about the genre pool. Bluesy, jazzy with an eye on the rock world the record made a big splash on the British charts (top ten), but the public seemed confused as to the classification of the record. It doesn't matter today, the music still plays fine on my stereo. This little piggy went to the pub and rocked the house.

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