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Redd Foxx

Title:  This is Foxx

Date:  1961

Label:  Dooto Records ‎– DTL-809

Line Up:

Redd Foxx


Side 1

A Few Short Things
The Electric Chair
The Bed Smell
Dirty Pictures
Girl Petting
No Teeth
Sliding Down Hill
School Cyclopedia
It's Good Once
Motel Strangers
What About Tonight
Competitive Sex
The Birth Stimulant
She Went Too
Friends Of My Own
Sinning Twice
With My Teeth
I Got It
The Ugly American
The Perfect Ass
Flied Lice
Not Too Young
Come Kitty
Hating Guts
Lost A Dear Friend
Side 2

Mentholated Dope
Dying To Try It
Nearsighted Sex
Women's Best Years
Deep Sea Diver
The Head Splitter
By The Balls
Which Way To Turn
The Charging Lion
The Sexual Couch
Fastest Car
The Crazy Brother
The Reformed Drunk
Congo Headhunters
Japanese Bloomers
2 With And 1 Without
Disturbed Adultery
The Nice Reverand
Could Be Worse
Ground Hog Day
New Position
Business On Western
The Third Time
An Occasional Piece
Buttonless Fly
Notes: A taste of Redd Foxx prior to his TV persona of Fred Sanford hit the airwaves. Redd, never one to shy away for sensitive topics, hits fast and often here.

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