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The Hawaiian Surfers

Title:  The Hawaiian Surfers at Duke Kahanamoku's

Date:  1964

Label Decca Records ‎– DL 4562

Album Design:  Uncreditied

Line Up:

The Hawaiian Surfers


Side 1

Tangi Tahiti (The Call Of Tahiti)
Tahitian Chant
Forevermore (Lei Aloha, Lei Makame)
Little Brown Gal
Sweet Someone
Cafe Au Lait
Side 2

My Isle Of Golden Dreams
E Maliu Mai (Hawaiian Love Call)
Ebb Tide
Vini Vini
Notes: Purchased mainly for the cover art and liner notes the music is about what you would expect from the time and subject matter. The boys know their material and play it splendidly. The liner notes pass along that Duke was an olympic champion in 1912. He went on to be the sherriff of Honolulu and the official greeter of the city and county. Fun stuff for those interested. And a beautiful guitar on the cover.

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