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Freddy Cannon and Los Straitjackets

Title:  The Sox are Rockin'

Date:  2013

Label Spinout Records ‎– Spin028

Nixon plate food design by James Constantine Langford

Line Up:

Freddy Cannon: lead & backing vocals
Eddie Angel: guitar & backing vocals
Danny Amis: guitar
Pere Curry: guitar, fuzz bass, percussion, backing vocals
Jason Smay: drums
Ron Dziuba: bass, saxes, organ, backing vocals
Jake Guralnick, Laura Darlington: backing vocals


Side 1

The Sox are Rockin'
Side 2

Red Sox Nation

7" Vinyl

Notes: A great pairing here. The voice of Freddy Cannon, whose career began in the 50s, and those dashing young men in the masks. Freddy, who is still playing the occaisional show now and then, being born in Mass. sings two odes to his beloved Red Sox. And Los Straitjackets adds their own brand of instrumental acumen to the project with splendid results. I bought this from Pete Curry at a show in Santa Cruz, Ca. (Moe's Alley) where they were playing with Marshall Crenshaw. He was nice enought to sign the front cover. The sleeve is a wonderful trip back into the baseball past or yore. If you ever run across this one don't hesitate to grab a copy or two. this was a Record Store Day 2013 release.

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