The original rockabilly survivor if there ever was one, Sleepy LaBeef has a voice as big as all outdoors and a possible set list that runs into the thousands. A contemporary of the likes of Jerry Lee and Johnny and recording for Sun Records at the same time, Sleepy somehow never quite caught a ride on the same train as the rest of his label mates. Sleepy has released numerous album both in the states and abroad and as seen here a few on colored vinyl as well. I discovered Sleepy thru a Jerry Lee styled pianist named Preacher Jack and I've been a fan ever since. The Bear Family has released a large CD box set of Sleepy's music and it is well worth tracking it down for the true devotee. Keep the faith Sleepy.


Sleepy LaBeef:  1977 Rockabilly Sleepy LaBeef:  Downhome Rockabilly Sleepy LaBeef:  Downhome Rockabilly


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