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Roy Loney

Title: Rock and roll Dance Party With…

Date: 1982

Label: War Bride Records - WB-9006

Cover Design: Ellie Byrom

Illustration: Thelma Hansen

Line Up:

Roy Loney - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Dance Party Crew:
Lead and Rhythm Guitars - Larry Lea, James Ferrell, John Kaldor
Bass - Michael Weinstein, Maurice Tani
Drums - Kenny Johnson, Johnny Surrell
Keyboards - Stu Blank, Nick Buck, Andy Lea
Harmonica – Rick Estrin
Percussion – Danny Mihm
Backing Vocals - Larry, Kenny, Michael, Maurice

Liner Notes – Roy Loney



Side 1

Ain't Got a Thing
My Baby Comes to Me
Gonna Rock Tonite
Slip, Slide and Stomp
Doctor Boogie
Side 2

Panic to a Manic Degree
Oh, Pretty Woman
Double Dare
Lovin' Machine
Lana Lee
Don't Start Cryin' Now
Goodnight Alcatraz
Notes: Here we have a promo copy of what the cover tells me is, "Rockin' Roy's Newest Juke Box Hits!" and who am I to argue? A great set of cover tunes mixed in with a handful of Roy originals. The late Roy Loney is sorely missed in this household. From his time with The Flamin' Goovies, The Phantom Movers and any other gatherings that he was involved in Roy was special. To see him walking in the Mission district in San Francisco, his scarf blowing in the breeze was like sighting a unicorn. A rare, fine treat. I got to sit and have a drink with him on a number of occasions over the years. Always open and friendly with me and ready to talk of music, love and life. The cover illustration catches Roy in action with a classic guitar and a wry smile.

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