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Pufnstuff (Original Soundtrack)

Title:  Pufnstuf Original Sound Track Album

Date:  1970

Label:  Capitol Records SW-542

Liner Notes: Sid and Marty Krofft

Line Up:

  • Mama Cass Elliott
  • Jack Wild
  • Billie Hayes
  • Martha Raye


Side 1

If I Could
Fire In The Castle
Living Island
Witchiepoo's Lament
Angel Raid
A Friend In You
How Lucky I Am
Side 2

Zap The World!
Leaving Living Island
Rescue Racer To The Rescue
Finale: If I Could / Living Island
Notes: A soundtrack album born from the Saturday morning cartoon H. R. Pufnstuff. I'm certain that the cartoon brought the young viewers as many nightmares as laughs with the bizzare cast of characters paraded out weekly. But, there I was with my cereal and my eyes focused on the TV set. The movie, while similar to the TV show, was a full production. Vocals from "Mama" Cass Elliott and Martha Raye as "Boss Witch" work to elevate the entertainment value of the film. Whether the TV show or thw movie this is some odd stuff folks. The cover displays a variety of the characters in their technocolor beauty.

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