The Music of Shonen Knife

Formed in Osaka, Japan in 1981, Shonen Knife continues to tour and release new material. Once known as the "Osaka Ramones" the trio has gone through a few members, but the core talent of Naoko Yamano remains the driving force behind the band. The band has had no shortage of celebrity endorsements from the likes of Nirvana and Redd Kross to name a few. Whether it's an original tune or one of their killers covers it's always a fun ride. And here's a link to some photographs I took at The Blank club in San Jose, Ca.

Shonen Knife Pics

Shonen Knife: Secret No. 712 Shonen Knife:  E.S.P. Shonen Knife:  Brand New Knife Shonen Knife:  Fun! Fun! Fun!



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