The Music of The Three Johns

One of Jon Langford's older side projects. The Three Johns were formed while he was attending Leeds University and they played a sometimes abrasive form of danceable political rant-and-roll. Always interesting and as you can see they seemed to specialize in releasing singles and EPs. Great cover aet as well.

The Three Johns:   The Death of Everything The Three Johns:   A.W.O.L The Three Johns:   Brainbox (He's a Brainbox) The Three Johns:   Demonocracy - The Singles 1982 - 1986 The Three Johns:  Never and Always The Three Johns:  Some History
The Three Johns:  The World of the Workers The Three Johns:  Death of the European The Three Johns:  The World By Storm The Three Johns: Atom Drum Bop The Three Johns: Live in Chicago


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