The group some people credit with the first "punk" "New Rose" continues to this day; albeit with a varying lineup over the years. The muisic has drifted toward the realm of the goths over the years, but the results have been mostly positive. The original fearsome foursome consisting of Rat Scabies (drums), Captain Sensible (vocals, bass), Dave Vanian (vocals) and Brian James (guitar) made fast, aggressive music and launched out of London and into the rest of the world with their album "Damned, Damned, Damned". Produced by Nick Lowe the music always had a melody buried under the layer of mayhem. Their cover of "Help" is a fine example. A little darker and a bit more melodramatic their later albums are still an interesting look at elder punks aging with whatever grace they can muster.

The Damned:  New Rose The Damned:  Music for Pleasure The Damned:  Phantasmagoria The Damned: Anything


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