From out of the Jefferson Airplane came the acoustic duo combo of Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady and harmonica player Will Scarlet playing old style blues and the gospel tinged tunes of the Rev. Gary Davis. Never content to remain static they went on to add members Papa John Creach and Sammy Piazza and play some powerful electric shows as well as the slightly more sedate acoustic get togethers. Eventually Bob Steeler joined the fold and the band went on their merry way playing and releasing a number of fine albums. The band still plays shows now and then with varying line ups and many of their live efforts can be found on the web. Not as good as being there, but a nice peek into their world.


Hot Tuna:  1st Album Hot Tuna:  First Pull Up, Then Pull Down Hot Tuna: Burgers Hot Tuna:  Double Dose


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