Brothers Ray and Dave Davies managed a long career with the Kinks before going their seperate ways. A string of early hits gave the band the momentum to ride through the eighties and acquire new fans along the way. Still making music individually the faithful listen for rumors of a long awaited reunion, but there doesn't seem to be strong interest from the boys themselves. Ray is always busy with his string of wonderful, introspective albums and his writing has matured as he has. Dave is still recovereing from medical issues a few years back, but he is back to writing and playing again. Any Kinks album is a good Kinks album, here we merely present some of our favorites.


The Kinks: Schoolboys in Disgrace The Kinks:   Everybody's in Show-Biz The Kinks:  Candy from Mr. Dandy The Kinks: The Kinks Kontroversy


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