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The Music of Deke Dickerson

Born: June 3, 1968   

Official Site:

Hailing from the far reaches of Columbia, MO Deke comes bearing his gifts of fine guitar playing and accomplished songwriting. Always with one foot firmly in the past Deke and his various bands bring some swing, a touch of country, a smattering of surf and a generous retro feel to the whole shebang. Ever the gentleman Deke is quick to thank the crowd and easy to engage in between sets conversation and you can feel this comfortable ease on his records. And the man shows up with some very interesting guitars from time to time. Check out his website and join his friends and fans in the world of Deke, He has many guises and has been found associating with the likes of The Ecco-Fonics, The Dave & Deke Combo, The Go-Nuts or perhaps with his teen band Untamed Youth. Even solo Deke satisfies and sends you home happy.

And don't forget that Deke also writes, produces and is a scholar of music history as well.


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Deke Dickerson and the Bo-Keys
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