Their beginnings in Leeds, various personnel changes, lurches in various musical directions and the susequent grace with which they appear to be aging all combine to make the Mekon's catalog deep and rich. Influenced by everything yet copying none the band just makes music that sounds like The Mekons. it seems each member also has one or more personal projects going as well as membership in a number of bands across the world. Here is a look at part of my collection of singles, EPs and albums from the careening collective know as The Mekons.


The Mekons: Crime and Punishment The Mekons:   The Edge of the World The Mekons:  Greetings Eight The Mekons:  Slightly South of the Border The Mekons: Snow b/w Another One The Mekons:This Sporting Life
The Mekons: Hole in the Ground The Mekons: The Dream and Lie of... The Mekons: 12" Disco 45 The Mekons: Empire of the Senseless The Mekons: Honky Tonkin' The Mekons: Rock'n'Roll


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