Oscar Peterson was a musician who not so much played the piano as he let the music flow through him. And those who played with him could feel it and they could hitch their collective wagons to his vibe and the ride would be a wild one for all involved. Playing two handed melodies, harmonies and humming along he could fly over the keys or play with a delicate touch. His fellow musicians, their talents too important and msters of their individual instruments to be referred to as "sidemen", were always of the highest caliber and could be counted on to step up when the time was right. His albums are too numerous to try to sort out what's best and the like. Try them all one at a time and find out what suits you best. We miss you Oscar.
All Aboard... Old Pals... Always a Smile... The Hands of a Genius... With Sonny Stitt Hello Stan!
The Oscar Peterson Trio:  Night Train The Oscar Peterson Trio: Hello Herbie The Oscar Peterson Trio: The Trio The Oscar Peterson Trio:  Nigerian Marketplace The Oscar Peterson Trio: At Newport Stan Getz and The Oscar Peterson Trio
Oscar Peterson: Soft Sands Oscar Peterson: Jousts Oscar Peterson Quartet: Night Child Oscar Peterson: The Giants Oscar Peterson: Tenderly  


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